Alpha Fortius Consulting

Thursday 18th April 2019

Stephen has entered into partnership with Hugh Shields to form Alpha Fortius Consulting. This is a new UK-based corporate consultancy specialising in improving company performance, both among staff and concerning IT infrastructure.

Clients range from the tech start-up companies to the multinational corporations. The consultancy offers services including motivational speeches, workshops and weekend retreats.

About Stephen

Stephen is based in London, and is a world-renowned mind coach, presenter, author, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. As a mind coach he has worked on the PGA European Golf and World Poker Tours. He counts many leading figures from the sporting and business worlds among his clients. Stephen helps these professionals find their zone, perform in flow, and gain the winning edge

As an inspirational speaker Stephen has appeared at TEDx and spoken to audiences in their thousands across the world. He has appeared on the same speaker billings as some of the top names in mind coaching and hypnotherapy, including Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and Dr. Ron Ruden

Stephen has an MBA, awarded in 1995 by Brunel University, and has been a practising physician for nearly 40 years. Stephen was Regional Medical Director for American multinational energy corporation Chevron for more than 17 years, rising to board level for both the Eurasia, and Southern Africa Business Units, including serving as Deputy HR Manager, and as locum HR Director.

Additionally Stephen served as a task force member on to the World Economic Forum and Global Business Coalition. He worked alongside some of the world’s leading change agents, including President Bill Clinton, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson. Together they developed and delivered world-renowned corporate international HIV care and prevention programmes which have helped save millions of lives.

About Hugh


Hugh Shields has been named as one of the 50 most influential accountants in the UK and is also a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and innovative technology for business.

His career spans three professions (Accounting, Economics and Treasury), three sectors (Oil and Gas, Telecoms and Banking) and Accounting. Standard- Setting.

He is a member of the Royal Economic Society and a Special Consultant on Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ICAS (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland)

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Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to talk about your business, identify the challenges, and present possible solutions. These are no-obligation chats, because we do not believe in pushy sales patter, and alway enjoy an opportunity to engage to share our passion and experience with others.

Stephen – doc@drstephensimpson.com