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Friday 8th July 2016

Chris Moorman won $1,015,460 in his first live major poker tournament success

Chris Moorman won $1,015,460 in his first live major poker tournament success


Who Am I?

I am a mind coach, presenter, author, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and work with recreational, semi-professional, and professional poker players. Players like world number one online legend Chris Moorman, Liv Boeree, Andrew Badecker, Igor Kurganov, Rory Brown, and others.

Now I want to share their winning strategies with just a handful of other players who know they deserve more. Are you ready to raise your game to at least the next level? I will be with you every step of the way.

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This affordable poker mind coaching program is a system of seven secrets based upon sound scientific, psychological, and philosophical principles. Principles that will help you to become a poker genius. It is a program about luck, winning, and gaining the edge. Principles that helped Chris Moorman win his first Major. We still work together, and these are his words.

“I enjoyed these sessions with Stephen and I’m sure that they helped me see things in a different light. It is worth noting that I went on to win my first ever live major, the 2014 WPT LA Classic just two weeks after my first meetings with Stephen, and topping a field of 534 players to pocket $1,015,000.” Chris Moorman


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Other Feedback

“Working with Steve on my mindset was revolutionary for my game. His insightful perspectives and easy-to-apply methods completely reinvigorated my love for poker and significantly improved my all-round competitive performance.”  Liv Boeree


“There are rare moments in one’s life, when you are introduced to someone and you instantly know they will impact your life in a positive way. It was such a moment in my life when I was introduced to Dr. Simpson.”  Rory Brown


“If you are looking to attract more luck into your life talk to Stephen. I highly recommend him as a true professional in his field.”  Paul McKenna, Best Selling Author, Renowned Hypnotherapist, & Presenter


“I have worked with Dr. Simpson for a couple of month and I must say that it has been a major impact on both my poker life and personal life. I use meditation and visualisation daily and a feel a lot calmer and positive. 
I don’t let small stuff like a couple of lost all-ins bother my that much anymore (I still get annoyed but not at all as much as before).
I will probably always have a tilt issue but now I have some tools for it so I don’t let it take the best of my day. I can honest say that this has been the best course related to poker that I have taken.”  Johan Cederlund

 More Information

I am convinced that luck is not random, and just in case you think this is too good to be true be reassured that I am not alone. Professor Richard Wiseman in his provocative book The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of the Lucky Mind proved that success is not an accident, and there are some very logical reasons to explain why this is so.

Some of my principles are logical, and some less so, but they have worked for my clients. This program will explain everything. So how exactly will my system help you to attract more luck into your life, and be a better poker player?

Because the exercises are simple. Because you will be learning from the secrets of the best. Because I am with you every step of the way. Because you do not proceed to the next module until we are both happy that you have identified what will work for you at each step.

Each module ends with a box “In a nutshell” where you choose and write down just the three elements in the module that resonate with you most strongly. When you keep things simple you will spot more opportunities, and make cleaner decisions.


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 Take Control

Feel free to contact me at any time for more details about this strictly limited offer, and a full no-obligation chat. doc@drstephensimpson.com