Monday 15th June 2020

Why hire a mind coach? Because it is almost certain you are missing out on huge opportunities. Opportunities to make your own success that won’t wait for ever. 

Champions hire me for a reason. Because they know my track record. I may not be the cheapest, but they know my clients get results.

The VIP Coaching Program costs $5,000 in your local currency, and your membership is valid for 28 days. During this period we will schedule 20 personal calls, lasting a minimum of 30 minutes.

Other 28-day coaching programs are available from as little as $1,000.

Only want help with one issue or project? Email, video, and audio support for 14 days – Just $100

Other options include individual Zoom consultations for Havening (30 minutes – $100), Reconnective Healing (30 minutes – $100), and your own personal Bioresonance Rife frequencies audio MP3 ($50).

Please email me doc@drstephensimpson.com for more details.

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. Carl Jung

Interested? Have questions? Let’s arrange a call and share some ideas. Schedule a free no-obligation call with me now. I have just one free slot every day. Send me an email now to doc@drstephensimpson.com One client has been with me for over 5 years, and there are only ever 5 places in total available.

Do you often wonder how successful people became so successful — and why you are not? Are you frustrated watching others seize opportunities while you remain stuck? This is how most people feel just before the tide turns in their favour, so now is not the time to give up.

Work with me and you will discover the open doors that surround you, and which  doors to avoid. My methods will help you to connect to the vast power of your unconscious mind. You will make cleaner decisions, you will ignite your creativity, and most important of all you will be much happier.

The VIP coaching program involves a 30 minute call with me 5 times each week. We work on real issues that are challenging you right now. We explore options and alternative strategies, and most importantly we learn how to connect more closely to our unconscious mind.

We use our brain the way it was designed to be used, before other people and life events got in our way. We find the reset button, and the path we should be exploring.

My coaching style is very different. I do not use nor recommend “recipes”. I explore whatever seems appropriate in the moment. Every person is different, and every person is very different from moment to moment. It is the moment we seize, and we know it when we see it.

I have studied and practiced medicine, alternative medicine, and complementary medicine all my adult life. During this time I have mastered many different techniques, and along the way written 9 books, 20 audiobooks, multiple blogs and articles, and published over 200 videos.

The techniques I use include but are not limited to hypnosis, bioresonance, energy, Jungian psychology, mysticism, psychic intuition, meditation, heartmath, counselling, mindfulness, havening, reconnective healing, 3 principles, homeopathy, ancient philosophy, Vega therapy, and my favourite (only because I developed it), the reptile relaxation technique.

Are you feeling excited? Perhaps a little nervous? So am I, so shall we take a deep breath and get started? Send me an email now to doc@drstephensimpson.com for more details, or if you are still not sure this page might help you.