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Saturday 29th April 2017

Your VIP Coaching Program – A Few Spaces Now Available

VIP coaching

My coaching programs are a deep immersion into understanding how our mind works, and how we are using only a fraction of its potential. My work is based on sound philosophical and scientific principles that are the foundations of success, and always have been, for the lucky people who stumbled across them.

I talk a lot about luck, and how we can all attract more luck into our lives. Luck on its own is not very important. Its value is that it is the catalyst that unlocks our mind. It is the key to developing intuition, a priceless commodity.

Making more luck = fulfilling relationships, personal and career success, and a happier and healthier life.

I work with you directly during our program. I share every step with you, and we do not move to the next step until we both believe that you are ready. Some bits will take longer than others. Time is not measured in seconds, but in degrees of progress.

I am often interviewed by presenters and journalists and one of the most common questions I am asked goes something like this.

“If you could give somebody just one piece of advice what would it be?”

My answer depends to some extent on the context of the issues we’ve just been discussing. However the first few words that I say to a new client are constant.

They are “luck is not random” followed by,  “You already have everything inside you that you need, but you are not quite sure where it is hidden.” 

These words are very reassuring, because they are true, and because they take an awful lot of pressure off our shoulders.

Now more than ever before it is not what we know what counts, because answers to so many questions can be found on Wikipedia and similar sites. However on the contrary it is what you will NOT find on these sites that is so incredibly important.

The secret is how to use the miraculous computer inside your head, and discovering how to tap into the massive power of your unconscious mind. This is where universal wisdom hides, and where the answers will be found.

This is what my clients enjoy most, and find so valuable. They include many luminaries from the sporting, gaming, entertainment and business worlds, including world number one poker legend Chris Moorman. What they have in common is the intense hunger for a winning edge, and a richer life. Perhaps you do too?

There is a lot more that I could say but this is more than enough for the moment. Send me a note and we will arrange to talk on the telephone or via Skype. Share with me your successes, or how you feel if you are stuck, frustrated, or even angry. Take your time, I am here to listen. I look forward to hearing from you.

Discover how to ignite your luck magnet, and it will be a lot easier than you might think possible. Email me now for full details doc@drstephensimpson.com