Doping, Match Fixing – How Much More Can We Take?

Sunday 10th February 2013

Australia sport doping ‘widespread’ across multiple codes

According to the BBC, ‘Australian sports fans are reeling from the findings of a government investigation, which has found widespread use of banned drugs across multiple sporting codes.

The year-long study by the Australian Crime Commission concluded that the doping was facilitated by sports scientists, coaches and medical staff and that some illegal drugs were distributed by organised crime syndicates.’

This has been described as the blackest day in Australian sporting history. I suggest we resist the temptation to gloat, and fear that many other countries will also find the same situation, if they are brave enough to search. It appears that the dopers have been ahead of the testers for years, but perhaps now technology is catching up. More names will be posted, so be prepared for some unwelcome surprises.

I can just about understand the pressure on young athletes to win at any cost, though cannot condone it. You would expect doctors and coaches to be older and wiser. I am lost for words. What do you think? What is the answer? Your posts are always welcome.

Best wishes, Steve