Sunday 29th March 2020

In my previous posts in this series I have talked about fear, hope, and faith. I have explained why we need more than hope, and my conclusion that faith is the most powerful antidote to fear. Now it is time to peel off a few more layers of onion skin to understand where and how we can use faith. 

Introducing you to ego

What we know and what we believe is faith. Faith can move mountains. Our problem is we think too much and know too little. Yet the truth is that we know a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. Our problem is that we are blocking our universal knowledge, and making life a lot more difficult.

Within the conscious mind lies the ego. It is the least important part of our brain and yet believes just the opposite. Ego is vain, pompous, over-controlling, prejudiced, and unbelievably stupid.

Ego possesses the intellectual arrogance to take our pure abstract thoughts developed from our unconscious mind, corrupt their essence, and present them to the outside world as indisputable facts. 

It is not surprising that these “facts” further reinforce the prejudices of the ego. These prejudices present the ego to the outside world as the subject matter expert on anything and everything. We all know people like this. One of them stares back at us from the mirror.

It is next to impossible to have no ego. Fortunately just turning down the ego volume a bit can make a huge difference to our life. Ego is our stumbling block, specially for anybody who desires to perform at a very high-level in their chosen field.