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Saturday 20th February 2016

It is now a little more than two years ago that I became increasingly fascinated about the subject of luck, and whether it is as random as it might appear. It was at almost exactly the same time that some of my clients posted some exceptional results too.

During this time I researched and finished writing my book about luck. It has been through numerous edits and is almost ready to be published. Exactly when and how this will be done is still under negotiation, but the situation should become clearer soon.

This has not stopped me from presenting my material to many different audiences. So far the reception has been extremely positive, and I can only hope this continues. It has certainly been a lot of fun for me.

Talking of which I am thoroughly enjoying co-presenting a weekly radio show with Mahri Best on Angel Corner Retreat Radio, based in California. Our shows are available through her website, my website, iTunes, my YouTube channel, and many other places too.

We have planned our first seven shows around the seven secrets of luck. We have many other interesting avenues to explore too, and more details will be available soon.

Below are links to the shows, and also a recording of my presentation during the incredible Zestology event in Soho, London. I have also included a link to the whole event courtesy of Tony Wrighton, who was the promoter and co-presenter of this event. He is also the founder of the rapidly growing Zestology movement.

This is my next event 27th and 28th February. It will be huge! The Best You Exhibition.


Angel Corner Radio Show – 3. Luck and Visualisation.

Steve live at Zestology in Soho – More about luck


Link to the whole Zestology event


Angel Corner Radio Show – 2. Luck and Confidence


Angel Corner Radio Show – 1. Luck and Goals


So I hope you enjoy our content, and welcome your comments and questions as always.