New Meetings – Limited Tickets Available

Friday 23rd October 2015


I knew October would be busy, but happily all went well. It was the conclusion of eighteen months of research into Luck, and how we can attract more luck into our lives.

Three live and filmed international presentations all resonated strongly with the audiences, as I hoped they would. These presentations used new material from my soon to be published book “Get Lucky Now”.  This book is in final edit, and has also struck a chord with the two editors. Not always the easiest people to inspire. It should be published just in time for Christmas.

So now I can share some of this material with you. My next project is to edit the filmed content into short chunks and post on YouTube. More information soon.

Also for those of you who can travel into London I have events booked on 7th and 8th November at almost giveaway prices, though tickets are strictly limited.

The first is Poker Beautiful Mind Coaching & Networking.

The second is Mind Coaching & Networking to Get Lucky Now!

So I hope to see you soon.

Get Lucky Now! Book