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One to One Sessions

Mind CoachingMy one to one life coaching sessions take place in London or on video call via Zoom. Clients work with me for many reasons including to banish phobias, anxiety, insomnia, and to boost confidence in all areas of their life.

My approach to ife coaching training is simple. I do not fix people, I do not heal people, I do not make them champions. My role is as a catalyst who helps people connect more closely to the massive power of their unconscious mind. Then my clients take charge of their own destiny.

Much of my work centres on the principles of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), meditation, hypnotherapy, heartmath, 3 principles, the reptile relaxation technique based on Havening, bioresonance and other energy therapies.

It also leans heavily on the application of the transformational Jungian concepts of synchronicity and the collective unconscious.

Individual results have been stunning, and on occasions have stretched probability to its limits.

Transformational life coaching

Transformational life coaching change does not come from logic, rational reasoning or highly prescriptive recipes. Transformational change can only come from engaging the massive power of the unconscious mind. The most powerful techniques that resonate with the deep layers of the mind involve the hypnotic power of language, metaphor, and creative in the moment intuition. As an example this is a transcript of a hypnotic audio I created for one of my clients and demonstrates several aspects of transformational life coaching change.

This audiobook contains hypnotic elements and do not be surprised if you feel a little drowsy or even a fall asleep. Do not under any circumstances listen to this while driving or operating machinery. Listen only when you’re in a safe and quiet place and can relax.

Now close your eyes and sigh. I will not be talking to your conscious mind nor will I be talking from my conscious mind. The big problem with the conscious mind is that it is too rational, too logical and too over-controlling.

However I will be talking to your unconscious mind from my unconscious mind because the unconscious mind is where magic and many other good things live.

We’re going to go on a journey together. More accurately you will be going on the journey and I will be whispering encouragement in your ear. You’re going to climb a hill and it might take you 10 minutes or 10 months or 10 years or even a lifetime or even longer. The reason being is we’re all different and we all learn things at a different rate and speed appropriate for each and everyone of us.

There are reasons why people climb hills. It’s a way to keep fit although this is too logical to be the truth because the whole truth is when people reach the top of the hill they feel liberated. They also feel something deeper and much more powerful and struggle for the words to describe it. It’s a spiritual experience and a connection to nature and a connection to higher powers whatever those might be. This is why people climb hills now and throughout our history.

In your mind’s eye, which is your third eye, take a look around. Look up and you will notice that the summit of the hill is not clear. At your feet there is a rucksack for you to take with you so strap it on now. 

Take a deep breath and start climbing the hill, reminding yourself that the first step is always the hardest and the one that most people don’t take, even when they’re so close to their goal.

As you climb the hill you feel your heart beating faster and the rucksack feels heavier and heavier with every step of the way. Take a look down now and remind yourself how far you’ve already come. It’s good to look back from a higher perspective because already all of the things that you worried about seem less important now than when you were stressing about timetables, social media posts, and a stream of never-ending bad news. 

Perhaps you might be thinking about leaving the rucksack now but I suggest you continue because it has an important purpose which will soon become clear.

Take another deep breath, look up the hill and continue with your journey. People reach the top of the hill or a mountain by taking small steps rather than giant strides because this is the way that life works. It’s the little things that make the big things happen just as big things will happen in your life and might already have done so since buying this audiobook. 

Because the truth is that thoughts become things, and intentions become things and because great things happen when people build huge pictures in their minds eye of what they want to achieve in life. 

Such people are in good company because Einstein said that he rarely thought in words and mainly in picture. As you continue climbing there is still no sign of the summit but you can hear voices in the distance and so you must be getting closer. 

Before you make the final push for the summit pause and have a final look around. You can see for miles now and the details are very indistinct and because you are so far away from the events happening below you have little interest in them. Even the things that were so worrying to you just a few minutes ago. 

You begin to recognise that all those things that people criticised you for were actually not mistakes but they were part of your journey as you learned what would work for you and what wouldn’t. You also recognise for the first time that you did many great things that were not rewarded. You recognise that you are often your own worst critic and you make a commitment to yourself now that you will never ever beat yourself up again and any criticism from others you will take as a compliment from a jealous person.

People who climb mountains always come back as different people. People who go into space come back as different people. It might have something to do with our 1% of reality. It might have something to do with the difference between knowing and thinking. 

Our minds are full of thoughts and they are created by our five sensory inputs. What we see what we hear what we feel what we smell and what we taste. This is about 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum so what about all the other frequencies? When you expand your bandwidth by developing a quiet mind you are on the road to less thinking and more knowing without knowing what or how you know, but knowing this will be important to you. This is another to describe intuition. 

Now it is time to take the last few steps to the top of the hill and see who else is there waiting for you. 

One last step and you have reached the summit and you are not alone. There are about 10 other people there already and it looks as if they were waiting for you. Curiously there is something very unusual about them. They are all smiling and they look happy and you want so much to smile and be happy too.

One of them approaches you and asks you to take off your rucksack because you won’t need it anymore. You open the rucksack and it’s full of bricks and stones. So why did I ask you to take it with you? 

It’s because this is the baggage of life that we all carry around with us. Baggage that holds us back, things that are a millstone around our necks, and things that stop us from achieving what we are capable of achieving.

You look around and you see lots of giant TV screens. As you move closer you see that every screen is playing a different film but each one has you right in the middle of the action. Your role in every film is different too. Sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Sometimes you are frightened and sometimes you are excited

You are looking at your life or more accurately what your life could’ve been because we all have choices and we sometimes we take the right step and sometimes we take the wrong step but sooner or later we will all end up at the right place. 

By connecting to our unconscious mind we connect to our greatest gift which is that of intuition. Einstein called intuition ‘his sacred gift’. Intuition is working for you 24/7 but your conscious mind is so preoccupied with itself that its quiet voice does not get heard or at least not until now. 

Because from this day forward your intuition will be your guiding compass and will give you the wisdom to make wise choices and more importantly to see the exciting opportunities for the first time that have been right in front of your eyes. 

Many successful people describe themselves as being lucky. Lucky of being in the right place at the right time with the right people. Another word for luck is synchronicity and as the psychologist Carl Jung said “synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see”. 

Now perhaps for the first time you too ”have eyes to see”, and the more times you listen to this recording the more different opportunities or synchronicities will appear in front of you as if by magic.

Now your journey is over for today so take a few deep breaths and open your eyes when you’re ready and this time be more aware and appreciative of your faithful friend – your third eye. 

Have a wonderful day and help at least one other person have a wonderful day too.

Fee £200 per session.

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