Reconnective Healing
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What is Reconnective Healing?

We are surrounded by energy and Dr Eric Pearl, the founder of the Reconnective Healing technique believes there are ways that we can all tap into some of these energy frequencies to promote healing. Dr Pearl calls this Reconnective Healing, and similar beliefs are shared by many others.

What are the benefits of Reconnective Healing?

From my own personal experience I find Reconnective Healing a very relaxing technique, and similar to meditation. It helped me recover from a serious neck injury. Anything that reduces stress levels and its associated side-effects is worthy of our consideration. Its beauty is in its simplicity and it is for everybody to use and enjoy. As an example consider electricity. We don’t need to know how it works, even though it powers our houses and almost everything else too in one way or another. As long as we can put a plug in the socket and switch it on electricity takes care of everything else. This is a similar analogy to Carl Jung’s view of our Collective Unconscious.

How Reconnective Healing complements the other techniques I use.

All of my transformational work with clients is based upon the power of the unconscious mind. It is difficult if not impossible to access the deeper layers of our thinking if we are stressed. This is where Reconnective Healing can be helpful, as it can be seamlessly integrated into other techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, Havening and Heartmath.