Using Incremental Gains and Kaizen To Win

Sunday 31st March 2013

PGA Head Golf Professional Mark Peddar has been on his bike to help us win, whatever our sport. A good place to start is always to study people who make a habit of winning. Mark explains,

‘Dave Brailsford is the mastermind behind Team Sky, the professional cycle team. In Richard Moore´s great book Sky’s the Limit, he writes that Brailsford’s goal was to win a grand tour with a British rider, free of banned drugs, within five years. The rest is history, and the goal was reached two years ahead of schedule too.

What was their secret? It might be that Brailsford brought in a philosophy of  what he described as Marginal Gains. No stone was going to be left unturned to find extra performance, and so fresh eyes would be needed to look at the sport and it’s operational systems and ideas.

The result of this unblinkered approach was that the stress on the riders was reduced, and so they performed at a higher level than ever before. What is perhaps even more significant is that they won without the need of banned substances.

In my field of golf it is the same. If you improve all areas a little, and make your goals process-based and not specific result-based, the result will exceed your expectations. Focussing on process rather than results reduces your stress levels, and then the result looks after itself.’

Mark is totally correct. This message of the importance of process, setting many small goals rather than one big one, and letting results happen, rather than forcing them to happen are recurring themes in my blogs and books. More importantly these messages have been echoed countless times throughout history, so we would all be very foolish to dismiss them without serious consideration.

So plan your cycle trip, enjoy the journey, smell the roses, and have more fun than you can handle this week!

More soon, Steve