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Top 10 Most Watched Videos On My YouTube Channel

Here is a selection of the most popular videos on my YouTube channel, and I hope you will both enjoy and benefit from them.

As always I welcome your comments and questions.

Happy watching!

Soul of the Shaman Chill Meditation Music

Instant Confidence

Confidence – The Power of POSTURE

FREE Zen Guided Meditation Audiobook

PTSD sorted in 6 minutes – Havening Demo Excel, London 2017

How To Do Self Havening

Bioresonance Therapy – Fact or Fiction?

Bioresonance Machine Results After 3 Months

How to use NLP to be Confident in Business, Sport, and Your Personal Life – 50 minutes

The Golf Doctor – How To Find The Zone – The Home Of Peak Performance

I hope you enjoyed these videos. I also have some digital products in my shop, and some of them are almost free!

The most popular is:

International Bestselling "Zen Hypnosis Confidence" Audiobook

Released in 2010 Zen Hypnosis Confidence quickly soared up the iTunes charts to be the number one bestseller in UK for most of the year.

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