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Reconnective Healing

We are surrounded by energy and Dr Eric Pearl, the founder of the Reconnective Healing technique believes there are ways that we can all tap into some of these energy frequencies to promote healing.

Reconnective healing helped me recover from a serious neck injury. I often use it with clients because it can be seamlessly integrated into other techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, Havening and Heartmath.


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It is worth noting that I went on to win my first ever major live tournament, the 2014 World Poker Tour LA Classic, just two weeks after my first meeting with Steve to pocket $1,015,000.

Rory Brown - poker star

“There are rare moments in ones life, when you are introduced to someone and you instantly know they will impact your life in a positive way. It was such a moment in my life when I was introduced to Dr. Simpson.  Read more of this review here

Liv Boeree

“Working with Steve on my mindset was revolutionary for my game. His insightful perspectives and easy-to-apply methods completely reinvigorated my love for poker and significantly improved my all-round competitive performance.”


“Look out for Stephen Simpson TEDx talk as well as his literature. If you ever get the opportunity to see him grasp it with both hands, an inspirational speaker that I’ve had the joy to hear.”

Paul McKenna

One of the fastest rising stars in international personal development. If you are looking to attract more luck into your life talk to Stephen. I highly recommend him as a true professional in his field.

Paul McKenna - Bestselling Author & Presenter
Bernardo Moya

I’ve always been a massive fan of Steve. He has had an amazing life and journey.

Bernardo Moya - CEO - The Best You

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