A Lucky Place Called Consolaçao, and a Huge Shock

Friday 21st November 2014

In my last blog I mentioned I was writing a book about LUCK, and was staying in a lucky place. Let me remind you, then I will provide some answers that might shock you. They certainly shocked me.

One reason that I am feeling lucky right now is that I’m in a great place. A small hotel room in a small village on the wild untamed Portuguese Atlantic coast. It is November 2014. The weather is mild, and the surf is crashing onto a deserted beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. I am lucky to be here.

This village is thought to be lucky too. It does not look it. Some interesting old houses, but also plenty of drab apartment blocks, some of which look abandoned. A few cafés, bars, shops, and people complete the picture. So why is this village thought to be lucky, and why do I feel specially lucky today? Can you guess the name of this village?

The name of the village is Consolaçao, and many people consider it lucky. For centuries they have travelled for hundreds, even thousands, of miles to visit it. More specifically to lay on the rocks next to the sea. They say it heals their arthritis, and many other things too.

There is also a beautiful beach, and I spent hours walking and thinking about my book. If I am writing a book about luck my readers will expect me to be lucky too. So how can I convince them? I didn’t come up with any good ideas, and so after a few days I returned home. Nothing had changed. Until the next day.

The next day I got lucky.

  • I was awarded a lucrative voice-over contract
  • I sold my house
  • my wife received a $35,000 legacy from the estate of a man who was a total stranger

Wow! Just in case you are wondering these statements are all items of public record.

When I started putting my ideas about luck together a year ago I chose a new project to test my techniques. It was on a subject that I knew little about. It would be a stiff challenge to Get Lucky. Could I succeed and make any money?

The answer is yes. I made money. Not a huge fortune, but enough to buy a new car. Enough for three international companies to close my accounts because they thought I was winning too much.

How did I do this?

To be continued……

PS Do you consider yourself lucky? If so then I want you in my book. What is the single most important thing that makes you a lucky person?

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