Blog July 2018 – Birmingham Buses

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

I went to medical school in Birmingham, and what a wonderful city it was and still is. However the bus service in those days had a mind of its own. A common expression was, “This is just like a Birmingham bus. You wait hours for one, and then six turn up at once!” I have to say the bus service is very much better now.

My memories of Birmingham also describe my activity over the last two weeks. I have finished several major projects and so am able to move on with other stuff. As a result I have added a lot of new content to my website over the last few days.

There are two new developments. The first is a series of videos I am posting related to Aesop and his stories. I find them endlessly fascinating and hope that I’m not alone! They provide me with a good entry point to link in some of my ideas about the mind and how we use it both skilfully and unskilfully, sometimes at the same time!.

The other new content I have posted are Help! titles. These are recurring subjects that I get a lot of emails about so hopefully will help people think about them in a different way. The videos so far address the subjects of visualisation and confrontation. I will be making others so please let me know if there are any subjects you would like me to cover.

All of these posts can be found on my blog here, and on my Youtube channel here. If you want to know when I add a new content please subscribe to my Youtube channel, and you will be notified automatically.

One last thing. I was a contributor for an article in Readers Digest 13 Proven Ways to Change Your Luck. It is posted here on my Articles page.

That’s about it for now, and I hope that you are keeping busy, healthy, and happy.

Good luck, Steve