Courage and Inspiration

Saturday 12th May 2018

It has just occurred to me how often courage and inspiration are inextricably linked. We know this when we see it, and when our emotions are stirred at a deep reptilian level of our brain. Words are not necessary.

I have had the honour to exchange emails with Bianca who has been through some tough times. This short video shows how she used her courage and inspiration to help others.

A huge inspiration to me has also been the legendary Paul McKenna, and he entered my life just when I needed it most. Over the last 11 years he has become a valued friend and I was particularly thrilled when he gave my latest book his seal of approval. He sells his books by the millions and so I was thrilled by his generous post on his Facebook page.

Paul has earned his success, and has had to show great courage several times throughout his career.

Another quality of inspiration and courage is that it is infectious, and rubs off on people it touches. It certainly infected me, and gave me the motivation to develop my ideas further. This is a video of a recent talk at Olympia.