Creativity hides where you least expect to find it

Saturday 20th May 2017

Clients often ask me where they can find creativity. I always have a few suggestions to offer. If there is a creative block then by definition they need to do something different. How about hanging out in a place where creative people hang out? Or go to an art gallery, theatre, museum, or any other place where the products of creative minds can be found.

As far as I know creativity is not infectious, but it just might be. What is certain is that once your imagination is stimulated it knows no bounds.

One of my clients described his source of creativity in a different way. Hugh attended one of my Meetup groups and I said something that resonated strongly with him at a deep level. It was my comment, “if you want to be lucky you have to put yourself in the game.” It is not exactly a profound comment but that does not matter. It hit its target.

The result of Hugh’s musings is a beautiful short story entitled, Hawking and Einstein go to Dinner. A Brief History of The Theory of Everything.

Hugh writes in the appendix that an extract from my book Get Lucky Now also fired off another burst of creativity. It was the sentence,

“Jung (even) held long conversations with Albert Einstein about the possible connection between synchronicity and the theory of relativity, as well as quantum mechanics.”

So here is the shocker. You will not find creativity in my books, at my meetings, in Jung’s collective unconscious, or in any of the other places that I mentioned. You will only find it hiding deep in your unconscious mind.

All of the examples I gave are merely entry points, and there are many others. They are useful, but the source of creativity lies within yourself, in everyone, and is there for those who choose to search.

So go out and explore and let me know how you get on. Have a lot of fun at the same time. You also might like to read Hugh’s little book about a huge subject. It has received rave reviews, and can be found on this link to Amazon.