Ego is not your Amigo Podcast

Monday 4th February 2019

The difference between thinking and knowing

This just might be the most important podcast I have ever posted. If you can get even a small part of this concept it can change your life. It did for me.

I want to know how clients can perform out of their skin to a higher level than they have ever dreamt about. Because some of them do massively exceed their expectations, but they do not know how or why.

Listen now to this podcast, and you will get some answers that could change your life.

A large part of my work with clients revolves around peak performance and the concept of flow. Many of these clients struggle with performance anxiety. They are typically world class in practice, and yet struggle in front of audiences, cameras, microphones, or displaying their books or works of art to others.

What they share in common is that they believe it is all about them. They are convinced that they are responsible for their performance, and when this does not meet their high expectations they beat themselves up, which eats away at their confidence until sooner or later they spiral into despair.

Generally I get very good results with these clients. I share techniques with them that involve posture, breathing, meditation, visualisation, and mindfulness. One of my favourite expressions is “the enemy of the best is the good”. I am not satisfied with good results, and neither should they be.