Free Zen Guided Meditation Audiobook

Monday 24th June 2013

A FREE Gift? What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing, although it would be nice if you could leave a comment on YouTube. This audiobook will shortly be published on iTunes, and it was also be great if you let me know of any improvements I could make to it before publishing.

Why am I giving away this audiobook? For the reasons above, and because it has been a while since I rewarded loyal members with a freebie. The other reason is that I’m celebrating my first professional film role. Not quite a Brad Pitt feature film to write home about though, even using a second class stamp!

It’s a low budget short film, the money is minimal, but I have the lead part, it’s a challenging role, and the chance to work with an amazing team. The film will be entered into the Virgin Shorts Competition. Filming takes place next week in and around Brixton, London. I can only hope that the local residents are tolerant!

Now, more information about the free audiobook, and how it might help you…..

Less stress, reduced blood pressure, increased confidence, and greater creativity are widely regarded as some of the most valuable benefits of regular meditation. In this audiobook leading mind coach and medical doctor Stephen Simpson gently guides the listener to a greater appreciation of living in the moment and mindfulness.

During this guided meditation you will discover how to quieten your inner voice, and find ways past the barriers that your conscious mind has skilfully constructed over the years, usually with plenty of help from family, friends, and teachers.

As your inner voice slowly fades into the background there will be more room for your unconscious mind to replace the chatter with far more useful deeper reflections. The result is a quieter mind that allows the hugely more powerful unconscious mind to speak. This is when your thoughts transcend to a higher level, and life becomes a lot easier, and a lot more fun too.

The guided meditation lasts for ten minutes, and is the ideal length for today’s hectic lifestyle. The accompanying soothing background music allows for a further period of 15 minutes reflection to enable the listener to practice Dr Simpson’s unique success visualisation technique.

This is the YouTube link to the Zen Guided Meditation Audiobook. Please note this link will only be valid for about one week.

I hope you find the audiobook helpful.