Get Lucky Now! Book Published

Saturday 10th September 2016

At last the day has come. My new book Get Lucky Now! is live on Amazon!

Amazon US link – Amazon UK link

This book took at least five years to write and is about as good as I can make it. Whether that is good enough time will tell. However I have presented this material to many hundreds of people in the last year and I am certain that it resonated with most of them. Another thing that I am sure of: Luck is not random, and we can all attract at least a little more luck into our lives.

Get Lucky Now! Video

Indeed in almost every presentation I asked at the beginning if there was anybody in the audience who would consider themselves unlucky? Not surprisingly there was always at least one person. At the end of my presentation I would ask them if they felt that there was at least one thing that they could change in their life to become a bit more lucky too? On every occasion they agreed, and some added some extremely moving comments too.

During this time I have shared the same stages and billings at prestigious venues with many luminaries, not least Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, and Dr Ron Ruden. So I definitely got lucky, and would never have believed this possible when I started my new career just eight years ago!

I know this is a big ask but if you have time could you post a quick review on Amazon? These reviews are so important, and I am always happy to help others with their projects. If you need my help just let me know. Frankly anybody who is brave enough to put stuff out there deserves at least a bit of credit!

Amazon US link – Amazon UK link

Even if you do not post a review please let me know what you think, good, bad, or indifferent. All feedback is hugely helpful.

Thank you, and may your generosity be rewarded one way or the other!

Best wishes, Steve