Monday 27th January 2014


I have been very lucky this month – so far! Probably more lucky than the whole of last year, and that was a cracker! One of my clients has been SPECTACULARLY lucky. More details later…..

One of the successes was my GET REAL RESULTS NOW seminar in London. The delegates were a great bunch, all the demos worked (phew!), and plans are well underway for the next one.  We talked a lot about objectives, mindfulness, and also luck, and how luck is not random. As Roger Federer said, you have to learn how to put luck on your side. So GET LUCKY! will probably be the title of my next event.

It is now almost the end of January, and I’m just checking how your New Year is developing? As a coach I avoid telling clients what to do, but on this occasion I will share just a few details of my preparation, and why it was done in this way.

  1. Develop about eight 2014 objectives, preferably in deep meditation or hypnosis. Reason – To make sure that they are the things that you REALLY WANT, and not what other people think you should get.
  2. Write them down in your best handwriting, big and bold, and in your favourite colour. If your writing is like mine then print them out. Reason – writing is the doing part of thinking, and a powerful link to the unconscious. If you write a sloppy contract what do you think your results will look like?
  3. Keep one copy and post it prominently. Remind yourself every day so that you ignite processes that will build to Mission Accomplished.
  4. Deliver the other copy to whatever or whoever you think is The Universe. Burn it, bury it, whatever. I wrapped mine around a stone and threw it a far as I could into the sea. Reason – Now you have done all you can do, apart from following your daily processes. The results are otherwise outside of your control, so do not waste time and energy worrying about them. Clients often report that their greatest successes came from letting go, or getting out of their own way.

All l can say is that it works for me. It worked for my new client too. A sports personality who had been in poor form for over two years. Our work together lead to almost instant success. Not least the £80,000 prize money and all the confidence, sponsorship and other deals that go with it.

The secret was my own unique blend of hypnosis, havening, and energy work. These however were just the catalysts.  They were the final magic ingredients that were necessary to ignite the far more important immense potential that lay dormant in my client. Soon when we are ready I hope to reveal the identity of my new client. Who knows, we might even write a book about it?

Have a lucky week, Steve