Havening, and The Here & Now

Saturday 25th May 2013

This is a taster for next week’s blog. I can honestly say it is the most exciting technique for finding the zone that I have ever used. I was working with Paul McKenna as a member of his training team recently as he introduced this technique, called Havening, and could not wait to use it on my clients. The results have since been stunning.

This what McKenna thinks about Havening.

‘This is what I have been looking for, for the past 25 years. I can now do in minutes what used to take months. I firmly believe this process will change the face of therapy over time.

In my experience, the use of Havening leads to the most profound changes in patients who suffer from a wide range of problems. I am convinced that in the course of time this remarkable strategic approach to behavioural change will be considered one of the great therapeutic breakthroughs of the 21st century.’

This is my experience too. Further details are here – https://havening.org. I am already planning my first seminar. It will be  a one-day event restricted to a small group in London. You will learn how to perform this technique on yourself, and during the day will also have a private session with me. Numbers will be strictly limited to ten. If you wish to make a provisional booking please email me doc@drstephensimpson.com for further details.

Moving on, PGA Head Golf Professional Mark Peddar has been hunting for tigers this month, and found a few secrets that work in golf, and everything else too. He explains,

After Tiger Woods won his third tournament out of four starts, in dominant fashion, the following thought occurred to me.

The way he won, in a different style to that he had used in the past, on a course he has not had his normal success on, shows he is still thinking about how to improve his performances.

But before he had finished the talk was back on the old story of when will he win a Major and will he ever beat Jack Nicholas’s record of 18?

This is sad, because people who focus on possible future outcomes and records are missing and under appreciating what he is doing right now.

So sit back and enjoy history as it happens, as one of the very best players is again at the height of his powers, and do not get lost in the “Maybe”.

Enjoy your own game for what it is, every time you play, and stop worrying about what may happen, with the next shot, or tournament. In doing this you will perform as a champion.

Have a great week, Steve