How My Client Won $1,000,000 In Less Than A Week

Wednesday 14th May 2014

Chris Moorman Major

I’ve dropped several hints over the last few weeks that this has been a very special year for my clients. I’ve also offered some outstanding bargain prices on my programmes too. Those who seized them have done pretty well. A great example is professional poker player Chris Moorman. Before you read about his incredible story remind yourself to check out the absolutely final offers at the end of this note.

Chris contacted me early in February, we had a chat, and it was clear that the biggest obstacle in our way towards success was actually meeting in person. The only answer was for me to fly to him in Vancouver for two hours work each day for three days. I don’t normally do this, but just knew it was going to be hugely important for both of us.

Chris was probably surprised by some of the things we talked about. Especially when I suggested that he was going to stop playing poker with the objective of winning money. More important was playing for fun, playing one hand at a time, and having no concern with the past or the future.

This is otherwise known as living in the now, or mindfulness. Those who have read my books will recognise this as one of my mantras – focus on process, and the results will take care of themselves. Chris embraced this mantra with enthusiasm, because it resonated with him too. He has never played just for money, but is far more interested in how money can provide choices in life.

Chris is a rounded, grounded, and humble person. He did so well in our work together that  I knew success would follow, and that he would have deserved it. As an example of his efforts he is one of the few clients who has scored 100% in one of my computerised meditation programmes.

So when I left Chris I was pretty sure his head was in a good place. I was confident that he would do well in his next event, but in my wildest dreams did not expect him to win his first live tournament just a few days later.

Chris has progressed with further great results. I also work with two other top professional poker clients. They are both also doing extremely well, and one has just won another million dollars too!

Just for your information I do not play poker myself. I know only a little about the game, but fortunately I do know a lot about the mind, and how to get lucky, and succeed in whatever your heart desires.

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