How One Client Made His Luck

Wednesday 30th April 2014


‘The harder you work the luckier you get.’

How many times have you heard this expression? What does it mean? You slave for 10,000 hours, study for more qualifications, give up holidays? It could mean all these things, but my definition is a lot simpler.

You become more observant, notice more opportunities, and have the courage to seize them.

One new client did just this. He seized a place at my free seminar in January, and then seized a great offer on my online Get Lucky Course. He was lucky because his timing was perfect. These were once-only offers. He was luckier still because he followed my programmes diligently.

And not surprisingly he got results. He won a golf competition, shot his lowest score three days later, negotiated a pay rise, and has just won a promotion too. Also a lot of other good things have happened in his life, all of which fall into the buckets of health, wealth, and happiness.

He’s only half way through my programme, and I have no idea what his next surprise will be. Whatever it might be he will have earned it, because he put in the right sort of work, which was also a lot of fun too.

Earlier this year another client seized one of my free offers too. He earned over a million dollars a few days after, but that is another story.

So you would be wise to give these ideas some thought. A good starting point is to read my book Push At Open Doors. It’s on Amazon, inexpensive, but packed with priceless ideas that have worked time and again with my clients.

We all like special offers, so this is it. Read the book, and send me one question that you consider the most important. I’ll give it my deep thought, and my best answer. If you like we can schedule a 15 minute free phone call too to get you started. You just might get lucky too. I hope so, because you will have deserved it.

‘A lot of books promise magic but when you open the pages they fail to deliver. This book is different. Dr Stephen Simpson has put together a terrific read and a very practical guide to improvement. You would be very foolish to miss out on some truly inspirational and transformative material’
Dr. Karl Morris – Founder of The Mind Factor

Open Champion