Law of Attraction & Entanglement

Friday 23rd September 2016

What is Quantum Entanglement?

We continue our journey into the law of attraction and any possible relationship to quantum theory by considering quantum entanglement. Everything in the universe is made of sub atomic particles separated by huge amounts of empty space. Although it is not entirely empty because energy can travel through it.

When a subatomic particle such as a photon, neutrino, electron, or even a larger molecule, meet another particle then from this moment they share the same physical properties, even over huge distances.

This is known as entanglement, and any physical change in one particle will immediately affect the other at the speed of light, or possibly even faster. It is as if the other particle somehow knows what its partner or partners are doing at any particular moment.

If this is not complicated enough the results of experimental observations are changed in some way by the act of observation. It is as if the particles know that they are being observed or measured. Scientists dismiss this possibility of observer interference and explain it by interference caused by their equipment. The debate continues with strong views on all sides.

Einstein, Podolski, and Rosen published a paper on this curious behaviour of particles in 1935 which is now known as the EPR paradox, taken from their names. They were not able to explain their observations. Einstein believed such particle behaviour was impossible and famously referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.”

Schrödinger, of dead cat fame, also wrote several papers on this subject shortly afterwards. Not surprisingly ever since quantum entanglement has been the subject of many further experiments of increasing complexity and decreasing understandability.

Quantum entanglement is at the very edge of human understanding and current research includes the Hadron Collider experiments where subatomic particles are collided at speeds approaching the speed of light.

Their findings will have a huge impact on our understanding of the universe and enormous implications for us all. Perhaps the Hadron conclusions might shed light on the law of attraction and even herald the introduction of teleportation. I do not know how long we will have to wait. I suspect it could be a very long time indeed!