Mindfulness Made Easy. Act Now!

Friday 28th October 2016

A Simple Technique For Mindfulness.

The following video about mindfulness may be the most important one that I have recorded to date.

We have never been bombarded by so much information. We are the first generation that has instant access to breaking news as it unfolds from around the globe. And it is not just news from the other side of the world that saturates our senses. It is hard to believe but I have clients who text each other, even when they are living in the same house.

It is not just adults either. Small children soon master their iPads and smartphones and are laying down there addiction for instant information from their earliest years.

So is this bad for our health? If so what can we do about it?

As mentioned above, the following video may be the most important one that I have recorded to date. Whilst the techniques explored may be simple, applying them to your own life may be more of a challenge.

I have found that some people get this straight away, and others struggle with it for years. But do not despair, because even a little more mindfulness can go a very long way to giving you back control of your life.

More mindfulness will improve your health, wealth, and happiness. Bear in mind that wealth can be measured in many currencies other than money. So here goes.