More about resonance and creativity

Friday 30th September 2016

I found an earlier blog about resonance and it  is worth taking a look at again. It discusses the benefits of choosing inspirational people as role models. It also discusses the benefits of visiting locations associated with massive creativity. Both of these suggestions are well worth considering because you can and use them to create resonance and magnify your own thoughts.

I hope you like the photo of the star of the Darwin TV documentary. Just in case of doubt it is the lizard, not me!

This is what I wrote in June 2014…..

At some point in their programme I ask my VIP clients to list their three most respected characters in history. Then I use them to ignite their inspiration, as detailed below.

My favourite three at the moment are Charles Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mozart, although they do change occasionally.

As a medical doctor biology has always been my passion. As a coach it has always been talent. More specifically how much talent are we born with (the hard wiring), and how much do we develop through our own efforts and opportunities (the soft wiring)?

Nobody really knows the answer to this question, despite lots of experts claiming that they do. The person who has made the most progress in finding the answer is Charles Darwin, explained in his book The Origin of Species. His findings have guided my thoughts since school days.

Which is why I am so excited today. I have just been offered the part to play Charles Darwin in a major documentary to be shown on South Korean TV. The bit that excites me the most is that it will be filmed on location in Down House. This was his family home in Kent.

This means I will be sitting in his chair, walking in his garden, reading books in his library, and holding his manuscripts. I hope I do it justice.

Why I will find this experience so inspirational, and one of the reasons why my VIP clients post such outstanding results, is that inspiration is highly infectious, and persists for centuries.

So who are your favourite characters from history? If your life could do with more inspiration it is about time you wrote to me – doc@drstephensimpson.com