Poker, magic, and much more…

Tuesday 26th July 2016

How my poker adventure started.

Sky TV sports presenter Tony Wrighton visited me in Portugal to talk about my poker adventure, and a lot of other things too. It was not all work though. We managed some golf, beach walks, and power meditations. All great ways to relax and hopefully find some inspiration.

As well as being a TV presenter and the founder of Zestology Tony is also an NLP Master practitioner and trainer and so it is not surprising that our conversation took many fascinating twists and turns. The result is a podcast that is full of practical tips that everybody can use. Here is Tony’s introduction.

“Today’s podcast is Dr. Steve and me sitting in Steve’s garden in Portugal, and Steve tells me a few good stories about millionaire poker players, and how we can learn from them to make our own luck. Specifically, the incredible story of Chris Moorman winning his first TV title, and how he did it.

In other words. Become a millionaire poker player* (*maybe). Doc Steve is one of my all-time most requested guests. So he’s back!”

When you listen you’ll hear:

  • Focus your energy on the things that you can control [12:48]
  • Move your mind into positive things [13:45]
  • The possible straight [14:09]
  • Who is Barry Greenstein? [14:30]
  • The concept of breathing coordination [16:00]
  • Breathing is fundamental [16:52]
  • We don’t live in a box [22:59]
  • Staying in the present moment [24:38]
  • Dissociation from emotions [26:23]
  • How to feel more confident [28:15]
  • The Havening Technique [30:12]

So sit back, listen and enjoy!



More about Tony, and his superb and interviews with world class experts here – Live life with Energy, Vitality and Motivation