Tuesday 8th May 2018

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This book written by best-selling author and TEDx speaker Dr. Stephen Simpson  is an epic journey travelling through the mists of time to explore many diverse subjects including human evolution and our innate psychic communication skills, which we still possess, although there are largely hidden. It continues with the later development of our toxic psychological states of mind, in particular our psychotic tendencies.

Dr. Simpson believes it is possible to keep the benefits that come from the creativity of our mild degree of psychosis, and at the same time regain at least some of our lost psychic powers. As a result, we raise our performance, find the flow state more easily, and our mental health just might improve too.

This gifts us the opportunity to develop the psychoic state of mind, develop our powers of intuition, and get lucky. According to Simpson, the psychoic state of mind is the sweet spot of peak performance that makes people lucky, and lives somewhere deep in our reptile brain, somewhere between the psychotic and psychic states of mind.

The Psychoic Revolution is a thought provoking book that links ancient and modern biological and philosophical concepts to peak performance. Such concepts include our reptile brain, the development of speech, self-limiting beliefs, the role of the pineal gland and the third eye. The Psychoic Revolution continues with an evaluation of the importance of spirituality to peak performance. Simpson then explores why the Jungian concepts of synchronicity and the collective unconscious are more popular now than ever.

Dr. Simpson concluded that many if not all of these separate concepts were hugely important in heightening our intuition, and the huge effect this has on finding our peak performance. At every stage the emphasis is how you can use this information practically  in your daily life to your advantage. Not only does this offer the greatest opportunity of enhancing personal performance, but at the same time offering suggestions to reduce stress and anxiety.

Available now from Amazon here