The Secrets That Actors Use To Find The Zone

Saturday 18th May 2013

I am half way through a four week Acting for TV & Film course at Ealing studios. I’ve already discovered some of the secrets of the acting profession, and very interesting they are too. More importantly, as usual, these secrets can also be used in our lives. So what are they? How many of them might resonate in your life right now? In no particular order…..

  1. If you are thinking script or lines when acting you will block flow.
  2. Don’t moan about learning lines. It’s part of the territory, so just do it. Moaning just makes you feel bad, and you will receive no sympathy from others. Lines can be learnt in otherwise wasted time. In the shower, walking to work, on the Tube. This is especially useful as even in rush hour people give you a lot more room.
  3. Don’t waste time thinking about yourself and what others will think of you. This will block flow.
  4. Live in the moment. Actors are great fun to be with, but probably difficult to live with.
  5. Time spent on research is rarely wasted.
  6. Searching for perfection and trying too hard blocks flow.
  7. Focus on process and the performance takes care of itself.
  8. Self-truth always works, even if it sometimes feels painful.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is out there after only a few days spent with actors. I have much more to learn, and I know it will brilliant. How can you use some of the actors’ secrets? Let me know how you get on.