Time to Put on Your Party Clothes and Celebrate

Friday 7th October 2022

Time to Put on Your Party Clothes and Celebrate. My book Get Lucky Now! is about how to get what you want the easy way—not least by using mindfulness. Thousands and even millions of people have used mindfulness to achieve success throughout history. They did not have to pay millions for these secrets or even join some weird sect. They just had to discover how to use their minds more effectively.

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Some lucky ones follow mindfulness unconsciously and, when asked, just describe it as “common sense.” Most of us, however, have to make some effort and be prepared to look at the world in a different light.

Surprisingly, it is a lot easier than you might expect. We can all think of times in the past when doors opened effortlessly for us, as if by magic, and can remember with joy the priceless treasures that were waiting on the other side. Unfortunately, we can also remember the many other doors that remained closed, despite our best efforts to pry them open.

Of course, there is a reason for the difference. Some doors attracted you at a deep unconscious level and were just waiting for you to open them. Others repelled you, but you were so busy with your hectic life that you missed the signs. You unwittingly made your life a lot more complicated than necessary.

Baby Steps

Life was not always like this, and it was much simpler when you were a baby. From the very first day, you were 99.99 percent ready for life. You needed parental support, but all your systems and organs were formed and functioning perfectly.

You did not need to think about your insulin metabolism or your immune system because they were automatic. They were governed by your unconscious mind. You did not really have a conscious mind at this point, but you soon began to acquire one.

Although it was only small, your conscious mind soon felt that it was the most important thing in your life and was the boss. It is not a coincidence, but this is when life also became more complicated. Is it possible to go back to the easy life, knowing what you know now? It certainly is and it’s a good reason to celebrate.

Press the reset button

Your new journey starts right now. It starts on this day and at this time. From this moment forward, you will start to learn to trust your instincts and heightened intuition and listen more attentively to your inner voice. You will delight in appreciating the critical importance of pushing at open doors and reaping the success on the other side, rather than wasting all of your time and energy pushing on the closed doors that were never meant to be opened.

The truth is that this is the secret of how to achieve success the easy way rather than the hard way. Developing mindfulness puts you in harmony with your unconscious mind; it allows you to flow, to know yourself, to let go, to see the signs, and to release more mind power than you ever believed possible.

Mindfulness works because it helps create a calm mind. A calm mind gives room to the unconscious mind to thrive and produces flow. Trust your instincts to find the open doors, and you can then enter them with confidence. Mindfulness is the foundation for building what you want for your life, not what others think you deserve, and then celebrate your successes.

It’s about discovering just how high you can fly.

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