Tony Wrighton Interview – Health, Wealth, and Vitality

Wednesday 18th March 2015

Last week I was interviewed by TV presenter and author Tony Wrighton about my work. Or was I interviewing him? Judge for yourself. Here is Tony’s description of our chat.

Dr. Steve and I also set ourselves the target of naming 14 different ways to chill out for more energy and vitality. But can we reach number 14 without getting sidetracked by fascinating chats on health, wealth and vitality? (Or even number 4?)

If you interested in wellbeing and motivation, or just want to feel good, today’s show is perfect for you, with tips you can use right now and (hopefully) some fun along the way.

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Tony has been a presenter on Sky Sports since 2006. He is a regular on Sky Sports News, and also the regular presenter of Golfing World.

Tony also hosts the PGA Europro Tour and as well as a roster of other sports including basketball, hockey, squash, pool, and even live ten-pin bowling.

In addition he regularly presents sports programmes in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and much of Asia with Matchroom Sport. You can catch Tony currently on Sky Sports News, as well as the specialist sports programmes he presents which run on Sky Sports channels 1-4.