A tribute to the power of Havening

Thursday 9th March 2017


I use Havening at some stage with all of my clients. I thought long and hard before attempting this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) demonstration. I knew I would only have about five minutes, which is much less time than I would ordinarily require. I decided to take a deep breath and just trust the flow to go with me. I am pleased that I did.

My wife Caroline posted this on Facebook. It is generated a lot of traction so I added some additional comments, and these are posted below Caroline’s words.

Caroline’s Post

Busy weekend at The Best You exhibition. Lovely to catch up with and meet so many positive people. Steve’s talk went well, to a packed room. His on stage demo was a huge success.

The client was quite shy and originally said she would prefer Steve not to tell the audience what her problem was, but then changed her mind and gave him permission to share the basic facts. This does help the audience to understand what’s happening.

So I can tell you that she is a forensic mental health nurse, which means she cares for patients in secure institutions. She was violently attacked by a patient, and the effect of the trauma was life changing.

Previously a confident, outgoing person, now the sudden sound of a mans voice on the bus would induce huge stress.

Steve demonstrated his Havening technique on her. I wasn’t in the audience, but so many people came up to me and said they were stunned. They watched this lady transform in front of their eyes, body language, demeanour, even laughing at the end. She went home happy and amazed at the way she feels.

My Additional Comments

Another tribute to the power of Havening. To be honest I was stunned too. I was confident I could bring about some change, but to move from her stress level of 10 to 1 or even less in under five minutes was quite remarkable by any standards.

I am pleased that my whole presentation was filmed because otherwise we might wonder whether we were all victims of mass hallucination. I will ensure the footage is posted when available.

A psychiatrist came to talk to me after I finished. She said, “You have done in five minutes what I cannot do in five years, if at all. Why is this technique not used by psychiatrists?”

This was a good question and I do not know the answer to it. All I can say is that any psychiatrist who wants to talk to me will be welcome.

On a related point it was the UK budget yesterday and our Chancellor mentioned the rising incidence of mental illness and PTSD and promised additional help. So please keep Havening in your thoughts Mr. Chancellor.