Why Lessons Do Not Work

Sunday 24th February 2013

Why do kids and adults both hate lessons? PGA Head Professional Mark Peddar has some suggestions, and as usual his findings do not apply only to golf.

If something is not fun it is not worth doing, or should be done in a different way. An easier life consist of pushing at open doors, and ignoring the closed ones. I vaguely remember writing a book about this. Read on, and as always feel free to post your comments….

Have a cracking week, Steve

 What is a Golf Lesson?

Perhaps your idea of a golf lesson is an incorrect one, where the “darn” Golf Professional is going to bombard you with new and difficult techniques that will take a long time to implement, if ever. In the meantime you will probably be unable to get the ball around 18 holes.

Luckily this is not true, and I firmly believe that the best coaches are flexible in their methods so that the individual can enjoy his game, have fun and improve, all at the same time.

The following is a great example. I was having a chat with two of my low handicap overseas members on the range, as they were hitting a few balls, when one announced “I no longer have lessons as I always get confused, end up thinking about every little thing, lose my game and enjoyment.”

Anyway within a couple more minutes he said that there is one particular shot he always admired when watching the top players. After telling me which shot it was, I said well you do not need to change your swing, it happens as a result of your weight at impact.

So I showed him, then he had a couple of goes and got it straight away. A huge grin came across his face, “That’s really cool, nobody has shown me something like that”.

He then called his friend over and showed him the secret, and to cut a long story short they spent the next two and half hours on the range, having fun, experimenting, challenging each other, oblivious of the time or of anyone else. So much so that they got into trouble with their other halves for being nearly an hour late for lunch.

Before they left they both thanked me, to which I replied “I hoped you enjoyed the lesson.”

They both said they had no idea a lesson could be this way. Remember that learning is supposed to be fun. It is only called a lesson because we have not yet come up with a better word, and it definitely does not need to be like torture, or sitting in a classroom at school.

If your lessons are not an enjoyable experience, then change your coach.