Yes, You Can Train Your Brain

Sunday 20th January 2013

Scientists are at last beginning to prove some things that should come as no surprise to regular readers of our newsletters and blogs.

Your brain is a muscle, so use it or lose it. Never underestimate its power either. Examples of brain training explored in my books include visualisation, mental rehearsal, positive self-talk, and confidence builders. I know these techniques can provide enormous help to individuals, and it is great to read that the scientists are finding more keys too.

This is an encouraging report, showing that brain training ‘helps treat depression’.

A brain training technique which helps people control activity in a specific part of the brain could help treat depression, a study suggests. Cardiff University researchers used MRI scanners to show eight people how their brains reacted to positive imagery. After four sessions of the therapy the participants had seen significant improvements in their depression.

In another study self-help books ‘treat depression‘. If brain training can help depression, then it can help a  lot of other things too.

How about committing to five minutes every day for a month building a detailed visualisation of what you want this year? Use all your five senses, and build the movie in your mind. Remember to put yourself right in the middle of the action, and not just there as an observer. We look forward to hearing about your results.