Zestology Interview with Tony Wrighton

Thursday 13th April 2017

Zestology Podcast

It is hard to believe that TV presenter and founder of Zestology Tony Wrighton and me have been working together for 10 years. I have lost count of the number of projects we have created but this Q & A session is at least as good as any of them. Another opportunity for me to bang on about bioresonance, but lots of other things too!

We have both learned so much exciting stuff during this time and are happy to share it with anybody who wants it. There is also an opportunity to win a free Skype consultation with me. No, it cannot be exchanged for a session with Tony, before you ask! More from Tony below….

“Dr. Stephen Simpson is one of my regular Zestology guests. He works with top professional poker players such as Chris Moorman and Liv Boeree on helping them achieve their potential in every area of your life.

Today’s podcast is Dr. Steve and me answering your questions. Thank you for posting them, remember to let me know what you think, and if you have any questions for future episodes that’s cool too…

Dr. Stephen Simpson is an Elite Performance Coach, medical doctor, and NLP expert. Enjoy the podcast – it also contains details on the one supplement that’s made a big impact for me recently and why. It’s called CBS/BHMT Assist (I know – doesn’t exactly sound exciting!), and for more details check Zestology podcast.”

Click here to visit Tony’s blog page…