Bioresonance Therapy & Training Courses

Energy medicine, sometimes known as bioresonance therapy, is a controversial subject that is currently generating a lot of traction. Particularly with people who have serious illnesses that are not responding to conventional treatment.

I have received quite a few questions and comments about bioresonance, Rife frequencies, and its use it in the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions. Expanding on the work of Royal Rife Franz Morell and Erich Rasche invented the therapy in Germany in 1977. Many people believe that bioresonance explains the action of homeopathic remedies and electrodermal testing.

Solfeggio Frequencies & Bioresonance Therapy

The solfeggio frequencies are an ancient six tone scale of musical notes. For hundreds of years it has been considered sacred music and is the foundation of the popular Gregorian chants.

These frequencies are considered by many to be the frequencies that keep the mind, body, and soul in balance. The six frequencies are 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852 Hz.

Each of these frequencies is believed to have unique special effects in the most important areas of our life. Whether they do or not is open to considerable debate, but suffice it to say that many people believe they are beneficial and use them every day.

These frequencies are also sometimes referred to as the songs of the spine and relate to the chakras. There are seven chakras and only six solfeggio frequencies so perhaps one went missing.

Who discovered them?

Solfeggio frequencies gained modern traction in no small part to the work of Professor Willi Apel. He was a German musicologist who emigrated to the United States and died in 1988. During this time he was a lecturer at Harvard and Indiana universities.

Apel believed that mediaeval music did not receive its fair degree of merit and published many books detailing his academic views on the structure music. One of these books was titled Gregorian Chant, and the Roman Catholic Church considered this at least in the past to be the most suitable music for worship.

There is a considerable degree of controversy about the solfeggio frequencies, and I am the first to admit that it sounds somewhat fanciful to suggest that they might have beneficial effects.

However very few people would argue that music can touch the soul and provoke deep emotions. Music in some shape or form has been around this planet for as long as we have, and shows no signs of dying out any time soon. Gregorian chants are as popular as ever before.

What are the effects of these frequencies?

I have an open mind about just about anything that cannot cause harm to me or to others. I listen to these frequencies almost daily and also have programmed them into my bio resonance machine. These frequencies are delivered electrically to me via tens pads, similar to the ones that physiotherapists use.

Do I benefit from them? The truthful answer is that I do not know for sure, but I feel that I do. I feel very relaxed afterwards, my meditation scores are higher, and I keep pretty fit.

Bioresonance Audio MP3 Files

For several years I have been making my own bioresonance audio files. I find them helpful, but please bear in mind this is experimental and therefore certainly not a replacement for conventional therapy.

I am now ready to make other MP3 files for others, so if you are interested please get in touching tell me what you would like. The frequencies and emitted oscillations will all be in the audible range and so damage to your speakers is very unlikely.

However for several reasons it is best to play them at low volume, not least because your neighbours will appreciate this. In the unlikely event they make you feel ill press the stop button as they are not meant for you.

As an example of what to expect this is an MP3 containing the solfeggio frequencies that are both mystical and magical. I hope you like it. I often have it playing softly in the background when I am working or relaxing.

Bioresonance Training Courses & Devices

Find out more about bioresonance training courses and bioresonance devices. These include online courses. Let’s schedule a no-obligation call to explore the opportunities. Contact me.


Your own personal Bioresonance Rife frequencies audio MP3

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Get Your Bioresonance Audio MP3

My favourite subjects by far at medical school were surgery and psychiatry. There is no obvious common link to these two very different specialities but the common ground is that the more I studied these two subjects the more aware I became aware of the miracle that is a human body with its perfectly balanced structures and functions.

I posted a video on YouTube where I summarised my research so far and tried to balance some of the polarised arguments at each end of the scale.

What Do I Think?

As a maverick I still firmly believe that we should keep an open mind as long as we do no harm. I have benefited massively from alternative and complementary therapies for conditions that did not respond to conventional medical treatment, and so have many of my clients.

I remain sufficiently intrigued by the possibilities of bioresonance therapy that I have purchased my own bioresonance frequency generator and use it regularly on myself, and will continue to do so.

I am also starting to use it with clients and early results have been mixed. Some people have felt considerable benefit, and others found no change in their symptoms. I will continue to offer this service to more people on an experimental basis only.

If you are able to travel to my clinic in Harley Street, London, please contact me by email, and I will be delighted to share more details with you. As this treatment remains experimental my fees are backed by a full no questions asked money back guarantee. Please email me for more details.

Three Important Points To Consider

Before going any further with your interest in bioresonance therapy please consider the serious issues associated with cost, accuracy of diagnosis, and the critical importance of continuing with your conventional medical treatment for serious conditions.