Sunday 9th March 2014

2014 has already been my most successful year as a coach by far. I can only coach a handful of elite performers at any one time because there are only so many hours in a day.

However these few stars are posting personal best performances, having fun all over the world, and winning a lot of money too. Well over one million dollars in the bank already. 

So what is the secret? If there is a secret it’s the 3 H’s of Havening, HeartMath, and Hypnosis that I use with almost all clients. My best explanation is that they have learnt how to make their own luck. My role has been to act as the catalyst as they ignite their full potential.

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I have been lucky too in many ways recently, not least to be in the right place at the right time. As a result I was interviewed about luck. My comments will shortly be published in a national newspaper. He is a sneak preview.

EVER wondered why some people just seem to be constantly lucky when it comes to making money or winning prizes?

Well according to the experts our luck is all down to the way that we approach life and anyone can increase their chances of being a success by following a few simple tips.

Dr Stephen Simpson is an Elite Performance Coach and contributor to The Best You magazine. He helps top business executives and sports professionals to boost their careers – and says the secret is to know what you want to achieve.

Dr Stephen said: “I often hear people complain that others seem to always get all the good luck, especially when it comes to money. But you can create your own good luck by being positive and focusing on your goals in life.

“Lucky people are really just those of us who are always on the lookout for opportunities and they are not afraid to take them.”

Here’s Dr Stephen’s Top Ten Tips for creating your own luck when it comes to wealth and money …

This is Tip Number One, and others will follow shortly. How can you use this tip to start making your own luck too?


You’d be amazed by how many people have no idea of what it is they want out of life. In order to attain success you need to have clear goals. These could be anything from having a high flying career to just making your money go further by being financially astute.

Once you have decided what you want, you can set about achieving your goals instead of just going with the flow. Write them down because writing is the doing part of thinking. It is a connection to the subconscious. Then remind yourself of them every day.