January 2013 Newsletter

Monday 31st December 2012

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I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year, packed with success, health, wealth, and happiness.

I have made a resolution, or more accurately a re-solution. Our newsletter will move with the times, and in future be published as a weekly Blog, and so will look slightly different. It will be delivered on Monday, but only if there is a story worth relating. The content will highlight any inspirational performances or stories that demonstrate a mind skill that we could all employ in our lives. As you have heard me say many times the secrets of success in business, sports and life are interchangeable, so use them in all areas of your life. I hope that these mini-blogs will be the perfect short read to savour with your morning coffee. It will be easy to post your own comments if you wish, as well as read comments from other members too.

IMPORTANT POINT! Please note this blog will come from my new email address – doc@drstephensimpson.com. I will send you two notes today, this one from the normal email address, and the first blog from my new one. So please check your junk mail folder so that future editions from my new address will reach you safely.

This Week’s New Blog Topic

I always receive at least one note each year from John. This note highlights the best possible spirit of golf, and everything else too. We all know somebody who lives a restricted life for some reason, so just occasionally how about mounting a liberation assault? The surprising thing is that for some strange reason it will also make you feel rather good about yourself.

‘Altho’ I still play three times a week (on average, weather permitting)..I don’t play with the wrinklies like I used to.  The old boy I play with (he’s four and a half years older than me) has got dementia and has lost a lot of co-ordination and is embarrassed to play with them …so he and I go out early before the wrinklies start and he enjoys the game the best he can…it keeps him active. I don’t mind going with him and I only entered three comps this year (to keep my handicap) and even then, I dropped a shot off my handicap…(thought I’d get at least one back with not playing serious golf all year).’

Curiously John recently picked up a set of great clubs on eBay at a crazy low price, and is knocking the pins out with them. Rewards come in strange ways.


I hope you have enjoyed this month’s Newsletter, and found at least one thing to propel your life to the next level.

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts, favourite mind tips, quotes, questions, successes, fun days with friends, and anything else.

Have fun, Steve Ф

Dr. Stephen Simpson

MB ChB MFOM MBA | Medical Specialist | Elite Performance Coach