Control What You Can, And Focus On What You Need To

Sunday 27th January 2013

PGA Head Professional Mark Peddar’s Regular Column.

Again we have an example from golf that we can use in any other setting too. We all want control, but must accept that there are very few things in life that we can control. This realisation can make, or break, your day. Mark will explain.

This month´s suggestions are based on the work of Dr. Jason Selk, a performance specialist.

To play your best, one of the things I and many other coaches talk about is control. Sometimes that of the ball, but also of all the things that can influence your game. You must remember here there are very few things we can control when we play golf. The main one is your mental state, be it how we react to the past or our perception of the future. This is a choice, not something that we have to just accept, right or wrong.

Dr Selk believes, and I agree with him, that the top performing people when faced with adversity replace any negative thinking with solution-focused thoughts, within the first 60 seconds. He calls this “Relentless Solution Focus”. The people who have this ability in all life and especially golf are proven to be more successful, and happier.  This leads to better health and longer life expectancy. So there are lots of benefits out there.

In controlling what you can control it is much easier to deal with any adversity thrown your way, on and off the golf course. In other words how you choose to think will really control how you behave.

Here is a related thought for you to ponder at your leisure.

To gain control,  first you must lose control.

Feel free to post your comments. As usual there are no wrong answers.

Best wishes, Steve