Turning Dreams To Reality

Saturday 4th May 2013

Most people have dreams of what they want from life. Fewer are able to make them come true. In business these lucky few are called rainmakers, people who deliver, and people who get the job done. In sport they are called playmakers, players who provide the extra edge, and match winners. What is their secret? If they can make their dreams come true, perhaps we can too?

Yes, perhaps we can, or at least increase our chances of success. I study successful people, and almost all of them have learnt how to make life simple. A great start is to become a ‘One Page Wonder’. This extract from Push At Open Doors provides more details.

‘Many successful business leaders have just one piece of paper on their desk, and they review it each morning. This paper is the distilled life essence of their empire – the few key critical factors that define success or failure. All are measurable, and the CEO is only happy when he has his or her finger on this pulse.’

This works in business, and it works for everything else too. It works because it allows you to see the big picture, stripped of the distracting detail. It works because writing is the doing part of thinking, and it works because thoughts become things.

I’ve just developed my latest one-pager. It is a coaching plan that I share with new clients, and covers much of what I’ve learnt that has been really useful over the last thirty years. The one-pager starts the coaching process, opens the dialogue, and allows us to pick and choose the few topics that are most likely to be effective at a given time, for a given objective, and for a given client. Fortunately it will not take anywhere near thirty years to deliver either.

Next weekend I will be working with Paul McKenna at his latest event in London. He knows a thing or two about success, and so I may have a few more ideas to share with you then.

Have a successful week, Steve