Fear vs Hope – Part 1

Thursday 19th March 2020

Step back and take a wider view of natural laws. The greatest miracle of the universe is the perfect balance that exists in all life forms, and indeed in inert objects too. This balance in our biological processes is sometimes referred to in eastern cultures as yin and yang. 

A question that has puzzled me for a long time concerns this balance in our mind, because everywhere I look I see huge fear, and I know that I am not alone. At the moment the overarching news story is the coronavirus influenza outbreak. History tells us that sooner or later this outbreak will die down but we can be sure that some other fear will replace it. 

If fear is the yin then its natural antidote of yang just might be hope. I somehow doubt this because the universal balance between fear and hope is very lopsided. This raises the big question. What emotion other than hope is strong enough to gift us resilience in this titanic struggle for the control of our thoughts?

This post has taken me much longer to prepare than normal because we are living in truly extraordinary times. When I started putting a few thoughts together the virus epidemic seemed less serious than it does now. Since then millions of people have been affected in one way or another. Through illness, loss of jobs, shortage of food and other essentials and in some cases extreme stress. I wish I could change this but I can’t. Any suggestions I make seem trivial in the wider context. I considered not posting this but went ahead because I feel if one person can be helped, even a little, it has been more than worthwhile.