(Fear:) We can get through this. Concentrating on your mission

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Fear and corvid – a toxic cocktail. My mate Tony Wrighton is a regular presenter on Sky Sports News and a familiar face on Sky Sports. He presents sports including football, golf, basketball, hockey, squash, pool, table tennis and even live ten-pin bowling.

Tony also hosts a stunning podcast channel “Zestology”, and this is the link to it. I am thrilled to be a regular studio guest. This is our latest podcast with Tony’s words below….

“Dr. Steve is one of my best friends and a regular guest. He’s in the unique position of being a medical doctor for 30 years, and more recently a specialist on high performance, mental game and dealing with stress. So extremely relevant at this particular time.

In this podcast we talk concentrating on our mission in tough times, dealing with fear and anxiety (and why they’re not the same), switching off and loads more.

We recorded on Skype because of lockdown – this picture was taken in happier, more clean-shaven times!

In this recording we focussed on corvid, the difference between fear and anxiety, and strategies to regain a bit more balance in these troubling times. “

Tony also discusses his challenges with gut health, and how he stumbled across histamine intolerance. He has developed a new health site sharing more information about histamine intolerance. Well worth checking out if you have experienced similar challenges. This is the link.