Feedback From The Havening Via Skype Offer

Tuesday 18th February 2014

You may remember this FREE offer from my last Blog. I have been working with some top sports stars this year as they tour the world. Sometimes I can be with them, sometimes not. So could my methods work remotely via Skype? There was only one way to find out – to try it out. Necessity is so often the Mother of invention. They have been posting great results, so something is working.

Could these methods work more widely with other clients? Only one person was brave enough to volunteer for my experiment, calling herself a ‘guinea pig’. I prefer the term ‘valued volunteer’.

Jenny wanted help with her golf, but I use the same technique with all my clients, and their varied requirements. Jenny has generously given me permission to share some of her feedback.

First of all may I say how wonderful our session was last Monday….as well as seeing everywhere more brightly afterwards I noticed a buzzing throughout my body for a few hours. I know from my Reiki and Thai massage that it was my energy coursing around and I felt fabulous!

I played golf on Wednesday and Sunday this last week….too windy to do 18 holes and pretty grim conditions on Wednesday, the first time I played after our session. We managed 12 holes though and going up to the first tee I felt remarkably calm and noticed I didn’t have ‘the chatter’ going on in my head as I had done before.

Sadly my first shot went out of bounds but I wasn’t phased by it so I had to tee off again and landed in what we call the pit leaving my next shot blind up a steepish slope onto the green. I just focused on the job in hand and did a super pitching wedge landing on the green then sunk the putt for a 5. Considering how I’d started I finished the hole really well.

On the last hole I played my very last shot was a short pitch onto the green which rolled towards the hole and popped in! I was so happy with that one too….good to finish on….and the lady captain made a point of coming up to me afterwards saying that she saw it! ……all very positive for me.

So by jove Dr Steve I think you’ve got it! Skype sessions are definitely a hit with me.

So Havening is definitely another option for you to consider if you want to move to at least the next level in your life. Further details can be found on this link.