Monday 13th January 2014

It’s nearly here. My GET REAL RESULTS NOW! Workshop starts on Friday at 1.45PM, and runs until 5.30PM.

I’m buzzing today because my newest client earned £20,000 this week after us working together for just 10 days. I was also on SKY and ITV last week being interviewed about the ‘Ashes Whitewash’, and what it will take to get our struggling England cricket team winning again. That might take a bit longer…, but I am certain that they will bounce back!

We already have an amazing group of diverse high achieving delegates signed up, and I have developed some magical content to share with you.

There are still a few places left, so feel free to invite any of your friends who want secure a place, and discover the three proven secrets that most successful people in the world use to get their results – like happy relationships, more money and successful careers! More details here.

For those who can’t attend. A big part of my client’s £20,000 win was FOCUS ON PROCESS AND THE RESULTS WILL  TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.

You have heard me say this mantra many times. Now write down the few key processes that you can control, and consult them every day. Or even better, get yourself a whisperer, as The Talent Code describes coaches. Your coach will hold you accountable much better than you can do so yourself.

Have a simple and productive week, Steve