Tuesday 5th August 2014

Where are you in your life right now? Hopefully you will be going large on health, wealth, and happiness. Get this balance right and you will be laughing.

If one or more of these buckets is a bit light then life will be somewhat less comfortable.

I was networking last week, and it was blatantly obvious that many of the people I met were seriously challenged in some of these areas. It was not their fault. They just did not know what they wanted, and so it should be no surprise that they felt frustrated and unfulfilled.

This is a common issue with many of my VIP clients, and needs to be sorted as a priority before real progress follows. I have found this mantra to be extremely potent.


This is how it works.

Check your bank statement and credit cards. Cross out all essential payments, like rent, taxes, and food. What is left is discretionary spending. This is what you choose to spend your hard-earned money on, and will be a complex elixir of conscious and unconscious desires.

Guess what? These are the areas that ignite your passions. If your work does not light your fire then you are in the wrong job. Same goes for friends, hobbies, studies, and everything else too.

To know more you will need to pass selection to become a VIP client. I only have a maximum of ten VIP’s  at any time for immersion training, and they tend to do rather well.

Following the money also helps to open doors rather more easily than usual. Somebody wrote a book about this, and it has helped a lot of people. Perhaps it could help you too?