How to hack your brain, Steve live at the Excel 2017

Saturday 13th May 2017

Hack your brain in 45 minutes.

When you discover how to hack your brain you will be able to turn on your luck magnet at will. Suddenly life becomes a lot more fun, and much easier too.

Occasionally I go back through my old blogs and videos and realise how much my thoughts have developed over the last few years. This is why I would recommend you watch this video. It is a pretty good summary of where I am that moment, and it gives a few clues about my possible future direction.

Several years ago my employer sent me on a very expensive management course at Michigan University. I only remember about six things but I have used them ever since, and they are priceless.

One of the lecturers stated that we all need to reinvent at least 25% of our content every year, because the world is changing so fast. This means allocating substantial time and money every year to our personal development. I have done my best to follow this advice, not least because neuroscience is advancing at such breathtaking speed.

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