I blame the drugs

Friday 23rd September 2022

This post is the latest in a series narrating my experiences when researching and writing my book called Get Lucky Now. This series of posts will include excerpts from Get Lucky Now which is available on Amazon. This is the link – https://www.amazon.com/Get-Lucky-Now-secrets-people/dp/1515398684

In my last post I promised to share with you my experiences of coming round from a general anaesthetic in a great deal of pain. Looking back I think I was hypnotised by the nurse! More about hypnosis here. Little did I know that many years later this epiphany moment would be be instrumental in my journey of exploration to find the source of luck.

My brain hurts

“What are those strange shapes?” I asked through my swollen and bloodied mouth.

“They are symbols of your luck, health, wealth, and happiness,” she replied with the voice of an angel.

I liked her answer a lot; it made a great deal of sense at the time. I can’t remember my reply. It was probably “Far out,” or “Cool,” or something similar. At a deeper level, however, those four words set up a resonance that has stayed with me to this day; indeed, the resonance has continued to grow stronger each day.

It has taken me to the far corners of the world, including war-torn Angola, the swamps of Nigeria, the steppes of Kazakhstan, and the deserts of the Middle East, as I recognized that all our hopes, fears, and primeval drives are hidden deep within these four words. This is what this book is about.

Anyway, back to the drugs. While the seventies were a great time to be a student, they were not so good for wisdom teeth. I, like many others of my age, suffered from impacted wisdom teeth. Suffered is not an accurate description. I had no pain and was blissfully unaware of the many scary future consequences that could result if they were left untreated.

I lost my wisdom teeth but I gained some wisdom

The standard treatment for this condition is extraction, and so I was sent off to the medical center. I signed the consent form, and my reluctant wisdom teeth were extracted under general anesthesia. Little did I know that while this painful procedure may have been unnecessary, it would change my life.

I recall nothing of the surgical procedure, but I do vividly remember waking up afterward. My jaw felt as if it had been broken, and my vision was blurred. I was dimly aware of some strange symbols in front of my eyes.

As mentioned previously, she replied, “They are Chinese symbols on my belt buckle, and they represent luck, health, wealth, and happiness.”

I will never forget her reply but I never ever imagined I would write a book about her four words. The result is this book which is about your luck, health, wealth, and happiness. 

In the next post we will explore an altered state of mind called being in the zone, or being in flow. In such times life feels easy, very easy indeed.