Learning From Losing

Friday 26th April 2013

Learning from losing helps future successes.

PGA Head Professional Mark Peddar uses a golf analogy to make a powerful point. I will also add a few comments at the end of his piece.

“I never learned anything from a match that I won.”
Bobby Jones.

An apt quote from the Man who brought us the Masters, considering that this year’s winner had to experience losing big, before winning his and his country’s first Green jacket.

After his collapse in last year’s Open, Adam Scott went away and learnt from it. As one of the world’s best players it was strange he had not won a major, but the experience he had at Royal Lytham last year was exactly what he needed, and taught him how to win one.

The key was learning from losing, keeping what was needed and discarding the rest. This prepared him to win at Augusta, and even cope with the added pressure to be Australia’s first Masters Champion. Scott needed to hole two career putts to make and then win an enthralling playoff for the coveted trophy.

I suspect the sweetness of his win, was only enhanced by the previous year’s disappointment. Losing is part of winning, so embrace it, and use it.

Mark has used a great example from golf, and there are similar examples from every sport, and every industry. In other words to win first you must lose, and sometimes many times over.

Another way to describe successful people is that they are serial losers, but they know what they want, they never give up, and neither should you.

Have a tenacious week, Steve