My Weekly Radio Show – Goals

Sunday 14th February 2016

During my last two years at Medical School I moonlighted as the Rock Correspondent on BRMB Radio. The money was not brilliant, but the two VIP backstage passes, sweatshirts, and free albums for any event more than made up for it. At the same time I also  found lots of people who wanted to be my friend. Must have been coincidental.

I resigned from BRMB the same day that I passed my Finals, as I thought I might be a bit busy for the next few years. Only working 120 hours per week. So I am now delighted to return to radio, and am presenting my own weekly show with Mahri Best on Angels Corner Retreat Radio, a station based in California.

This is our first show, and we talk about why setting goals can be tricky. We also talk about luck, and how to attract more of it. Here is the show, and it is also available on iTunes and YouTube.

We are also looking to have guests on the show who have real hunger to discover how to be luck magnets. Get in touch now. doc@drstephensimpson.com